Welcome to my new artistic project “Art&Wine”. The idea is simple, but powerful.

I tell inspirational, fun and engaging stories about famous artists, while you drink good quality wine.

During the evenings I am taking you into my artistic world, presenting you few of my favourite artists from different places in the world. I do it in fun, inspirational and engaging way, and don’t worry….

…. no art history knowledge on your side needed! If you’ve never hear about some of the artists, it’s fine, too. I will introduce you to a whole of new world of art. It will be easy, as it will be..

ART … together with wine!

See a short video below from Art&Wine American edition.

During that evening I talked about:

  • Why people cry in front of paintings of Mark Rothko?
  • What was so special about Jackson Pollock and why his colourful splashes changed the history of art?
  • What was the best artwork of Andy Warhol and why it was Andy Warhol himself? 🙂
  • Is the process of creating more important than the painting itself?
  • What role art played in the Cold War? 

Hola España!

We can design customised evening, where we can work with:

  • Artist and wine from one country: USA, Spain, France, Italy.. I will talk about artists from a specific country and we will drink selected wines from that country, too. I cooperate with sommeliers and wine shops, who can propose wines that will specifically match artist I talk about.
  • Different topics: Abstract art, Justyna’s favourite artists and art movements, The most famous paintings in the world, etc…

Contact me and let’s plan the next evening together.

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