My journey towards art was exciting, but not an obvious one: I started with marketing, that led me to design, to finally discover art. 

It all started in Denmark

Art has always fascinated me and it has always been a part of my life up through my academic career, but I started painting and drawing in my late 30-ies, in 2018. I live in Denmark with my Danish partner. Once when we went to visit my parents, he discovered my very very old paintings and drawings my Mom framed in my old childhood room. And for my next birthday I woke up to the best birthday surprise ever: an easel, paint, canvases and brushes; everything I needed to start to paint again. Since then I have been going for different courses, working with different artists and soon after started selling my artworks. 

In January 2020 I took a big jump and publicly called myself “an Artist” on social media, started displaying my artworks. About 2 months later I was selected as one of the Artists of the Year 2020 in the yearly art exhibition at Kolding Storcenter. That was a big moment for me: out of more than 80 applicants, only 8 of us were selected for the exhibition. Since then I have been exploring different artistic mediums and establishing myself as an artist. It’s a fantastic journey of self-discovery. 

My art

I work mostly with landscapes. I am very fascinated by the water that is around me here in Denmark, especially here in Kolding. My water paintings express my feelings and moods: sometimes stormy seas; other times quiet, fine summer days.

In my art, I am also fascinated by people. I work mostly with portraits and croquis. Croquis in French means ‘a sketch’. It is a quick and sketchy drawing of a live model.

To me, my croquis drawings are a form of a personal freedom. I grew up in a catholic country, during communist times, in a culture where nudity was something to be avoided; something shameful and sinful. I was liberated from it with art. My drawings represent the vulnerability, courage and beauty of each and every one of us.


On this webpage, you can explore my artworks in acrylics, pastels and croquis.

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