I felt in love in design 20 years ago (yep, year 2000), on my first trip to Stockholm, Sweden. I noticed that Swedish products were much more functional, beautiful and well-thought than those I was used to in Poland. That curiosity led me to design, finally to my PhD in design management processes in polish and danish companies. After that I have cooperated with the furniture industry for many years, supporting businesses in the area od design management and new product development.

My journey towards design started with a product, but I quickly realized that design is a much broader concept than can be applied to all areas of business. I started working with design thinking and service design. It turned out, however, that designers and business owners were not really cooperating really well with each other. 😉 Since that realization, my mission has been to find ways to help both worlds cooperate better. I introduced management programs at design academies („Business for design”) and vice-versa, at Kozminski University, I introduced design programs and courses for managers (For example in form of “Innovation management” master specialization, but also I many shorter educational projects). That was a fantastic journey, filled with a lot of experimentation and creative ways to fight the systems ;), but finally leading to big successes (including me being teacher of the year twice, but also receiving feedback from my students many years later, that my courses have changed the way they think and do their jobs).

Since 2017 I have been living in Denmark, where I begun with a 2-years researcher job at University of Southern Denmark, with a focus on design thinking facilitation in public-private partnerships. That was also my time to learn the language (successfully finished with a Studieproven exam in December 2019), understanding the danish culture and building my network.

Simultaneously, I have been also working as an external consultant; reach out to me if you’re interested in developing a project together.

Below you can see some of the organizations I have been working here either as a consultant or as a teacher/researcher.

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