Besides nature, I am also fascinated by people. I work mostly with portraits and croquis. Croquis in French means ‘a sketch’. It is a quick and sketchy drawing of a live model. Model is changing poses very often; poses are from 10 seconds (yes, 10 seconds!) up to 4/5 minutes.

To me, my croquis drawings are a form of a personal freedom. I grew up in a catholic country, during communist times, in a culture where nudity was something to be avoided; something shameful and sinful. I was liberated from it with art. My drawings represent the vulnerability, courage and beauty of each and every one of us.


Sensing the feelings

With croquis the whole point is not the draw the perfect representation of reality! It is rather to show feelings, lines and the movement of the body. The essence of croquis is about expressing feelings I see in a specific person I draw.

Test it yourself – can you sense some emotions on the drawings below? Can you see pride, vulnerability, strength? Maybe also weakness or sadness…? Maybe you see some other emotions, too?

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