Have you been painting, drawing, knitting, writing for years? Or maybe for months? Would you like to start showing your creations to the world, but you’re afraid you’re not good enough or that it is too early?

Or do you know you want to start showing your artworks to the world, but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you even know where to start, but you’re overwhelmed what to do next, that you simply do… nothing?

Well, I totally understand you! I have been in every stage of that struggle! 🙂 A good news is that I have something for you!

Why art? Why now?

Well, now is the time!

The recent months during the lockdown have created a lot of uncertainty and forced many of us to question our current lives and lifestyles. Some of you discovered you’re really unhappy with our current jobs, some of you were forced to change jobs, some of your maybe even lost their jobs.

Now is the time! The world (and you life) is changing anyways so why not try to change it for better? As I am writing this, this crazy year have still 12 weeks to go! Maybe you want to use them to actually pursue one of your dreams? 🙂

I have created this program for those of you that would like to start building yourself as an artist, developing your passion into a side-job, or maybe even a full business one day!

Why can you trust me?

My journey towards art was exciting, but not an obvious one: I started with marketing, that led me to design, to finally discover art.

For more than 15 years I have been mixing my academic career with business. I have a master in marketing and a PhD in design management, I have been teaching and researching in Poland, Germany, Sweden, France and Denmark. I have written 11 scientific publications, and have presented my research on 15 academic conferences. Below you can see some pictures with highlights from my academic life.

All that time I have been working as a link between creative and business world. I was working at academies of fine arts, simultaneously on business universities. That have been exciting job, where I was able to get to know both environments inside-out.

As an academic teacher, I have been always interested in self-development. I was taking a lot of courses, reading self-development books and watching a lot of Ted-talks. But recent 9 months of being an Artist have taught me more than years of self-development. That engagement in the artistic process gave me a completely new way to see myself in the world and develop my life. This year, I finally left the academic world to fully engage myself in art and to help others discover art and creativity. Now I want to show other people how they can use art and the artistic process to develop themselves.

More about the program

“Art/Business Coaching” is a 10 weeks coaching program for creatives that want to turn their creative passion into a business.

We meet online every week for an hour, where we work specifically on one of the areas, with a special focus on your art/business idea. I am fully personalizing every session, so it is matching your specific problem or issue!

The preliminary plan of sessions:

  1. What is your why? Understanding where you are and where you want to go, setting goals and preparing the development path.
  2. What is an „artist mindset” and how to develop the right mindset for you?
  3. Getting into a product and production flow. Start where you are – your current product portfolio analysis, how to focus on what makes sense for you, planning your production flow.
  4. What is your story? Build a compelling story that will resonate with your audience – tools, elements, strategy.
  5. Getting to know your ideal buyer. Collector vs customer – how to understand the difference and plan the right approach?
  6. Marketing. Developing the right plan, tools and resources.
  7. Social media – how to survive in the world of likes without getting a serious depression? 🙂 Building your own social media plan.
  8. Pricing. Developing the right pricing strategy that will work for you.
  9. Selling. Developing your selling strategy, understanding the right channels.
  10. Mental strength – how to thrive in uncertainty? Planning for further development.

Together with you, I am fully personalizing topics and content, so it matches your needs! For every session you will receive a workbook with some articles, exercises and extra materials that you can work on between the sessions.

This program is based on my own research I have been conducting among designers and artists. In this research I am trying to understand what does it mean to live like an artist? As a result of that research I have defined “an artist mindset” – a set of qualities that artists are living by. That is an inspiration for you, if you want to re-define yourself and living more meaningful lives.


I live in Denmark, but as we’re meeting online, really who cares where I live? 😛 We can work in English, Polish or Danish.

I have a place for 8 people in the program this year, so if you’re still reading it, don’t hesitate! Give me a call, or write me a message! We will meet for a 30 minutes warm-up session for free, and if you decided to join me in this development path, by the end of this year you can have a fully functioning business.

Contact me to book your free 30-minutes session

Below you can read opinions from my previous students.

Justyna is an exceptional teacher and I am really glad that I had a chance to attend her classes on Design Thinking and service design. She is truly passionate teacher and has profound knowledge on how to work with and actively engage students. What I really enjoyed during the seminars were innovative forms of teaching – team work, role-playing activities, prototyping, creative presentations, canvas, storyboards. Justyna’s teaching was an unforgettable experience.

WiktorIa Przybylska

Justyna is a wonderful lecturer, an inspiring mentor as well as an expert in service design and design thinking.

Konrad Zach

Justyna is a great teacher and mentor. She is truly passionate about her subject and her classes were really practical, creative and engaging.

Michal Luszczak
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